1. Imagine having her under your arm on the couch, you’re not even watching the TV anymore.

    Your eyes are on her, she is the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen.

    She lights up your world in ways you never knew could be lit up.

    Her smile, laugh, mannerisms when she’s embarrassed, her curves, the way her eyes can tell you everything just by looking into them.

    Her personality, her kindness, and just her being her in general is what your heart fell in love with.

    "Babe, why are you staring at me?" She asks now realizing that your eyes are on her.

    You don’t know what to say. What do you say? It took you a minute but you respond with-

    "Because, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world and I love the look on your face when you are really into a show, and because I love you so much." You can feel your face getting a little warm. And, you see her get a little red right before she hides her head into your body near your stomach.

    "I love you too." She says into your shirt, she’s the bashful kind of girl. It’s also really cute sometimes.

    "Hey." You say, when she lifts her head up you grab a hold of her chin and lift her head up to kiss her.

    'I also forgot how soft and plump her lips are.' You think as she moves her lips against yours in a harmonious way.

    It wasn’t full of lust but it wasn’t one of those innocent kisses you have when your fourteen with your first girlfriend at your house in the middle of the night when the moment took you both.

    Instead it was full of love, a love that you hadn’t felt for anyone before.

    For a minute it was just you and her in each others embrace, the rest of the world forgotten by us.

    Once it was over we just cuddled more into each other and turned our attention back to the TV.

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I cannot stress this enough.


    I cannot stress this enough.


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For everyone


    For everyone

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    I swear for everyone who reblogs this I will message you! I love you all please stay strong!!

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    • brain: what am i going to eat
    • brain: will i eat
    • brain: should i eat it now or later
    • brain: 60 + 100 + 54 so thats 214 calories
    • brain: wait this has less calories
    • brain: but i don't feel like that
    • brain: will it be enough
    • brain: what if i binge
    • brain: WHAT IF I BINGE
    • brain: i dont deserve food anyway
    • brain: fuck i want food
    • brain: ive held out this long though..
    • brain: oh shit she's skinny
    • brain: damn my thighs have gotten big
    • brain: now i definitely don't want to eat
    • brain: but i should eat and it will make me feel better
    • brain: thats just comfort eating dont eat fatty
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